Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my Private Members Bill, C-377, regarding public financial disclosure for labour organizations. This bill passed Third Reading in the Senate and received Royal Assent by the Governor General David Johnson on June 30, 2015.

I was the very first MP selected to introduce a bill for private members business at the beginning of this parliament, in 2011, C-377 is literally the last legislation to be passed. Four years is a long time to fight for a bill, but C-377 will have a substantial impact on the lives of millions of union members who, will for the first time, see where their hard-earned dues are going.

Since forming government in 2006 we have made great strides in opening up public institutions to greater financial transparency.  Our hallmark Federal Accountability Act set a new standard for public disclosure.

The purpose of my bill is to increase transparency and accountability in another group of institutions that receive public funding – labour organizations.  Under C-377, they will be required to file a standard set of financial statements each year. Details from those statements will be posted on the Canada Revenue Agency website for Canadians to examine.  As a result, the general public will be empowered to gauge the effectiveness, financial integrity and health of Canada’s unions.

According to a 2013 Leger survey of 1400 Canadians, 83% of working Canadians say that unions should be required to disclose how they spend union dues.

While C-377 is now law, it does not come into force and effect until the end of 2015. This 6 month time frame allows the Canada Revenue Agency to develop regulations, online forms and instructions, and website, before unions begin reporting their financials next year.