Hiebert Pleased His Union Transparency Bill, C-377, Passes

June 30, 2015








(Ottawa) – Conservative MP Russ Hiebert says he is absolutely thrilled his

private members bill, C-377, requiring public disclosure of union finances,

has passed 3rd Reading in the Senate and been given Royal Assent by the

Governor-General, today.


“I am overjoyed to see my bill pass,” said Mr. Hiebert. “This is certainly

one of the great personal achievements of my time in pubic office, and I am

grateful for all my Conservative colleagues, MPs and Senators, who have

stood with me to help make this bill law. Canada now has the most

progressive union financial disclosure legislation in the world.”


“C-377 ushers in an era of transparency and accountability for Canadians

unions. It allows union members and the general public to evaluate the

effectiveness of unions: institutions which spend over $5 billion annually,”

said Mr. Hiebert. “Most G-7 nations have had public disclosure for decades.

Now, Canada leads the world with a law that will require union spending to

be posted on the internet.”


Mr. Hiebert noted that while he was the very first MP selected to introduce

a bill for private members business at the beginning of this parliament, in

2011, C-377 is literally the last legislation to be passed. “Four years is

a long time to fight for a bill, but C-377 will have a substantial impact on

the lives of millions of union members who, will for the first time, see

where their hard-earned dues are going.”


While C-377 is now law, it does not come into force and effect until the end

of 2015. This 6 month time frame allows the Canada Revenue Agency to

develop regulations, online forms and instructions, and website, before

unions begin reporting their financials next year.